Integrated Holistic Wellness 

Through Nutrition, Hypnosis, Bodywork and Holistic Wellness we create and implement the changes you want to have a completely fulfilled future.  


Using your imagination and simple meditation to make big changes in your body, health and life. 

Johnann Johnson

Natural Wellness

For Your Body, Health & Life!

Let Johnann help you thrive naturally!

Johnann’s goal is to guide you to thrive while you heal naturally, through body, mind, habit and lifestyle changes. 

Johnann Johnson provides natural wellness therapies in a safe and comfortable environment where you heal your body and thrive in your life. 

Allow yourself to imagine a life without pain or depression. A day without anxiety or lost sleep. Natural Wellness Therapies can help you fulfill those dreams!

Natural Solutions for Wellness

Johnann Johnson Natural Wellness (530) 300-5097

Therapeutic Massage

Treatment for all bodies and ages. Helping you gain balance, heal, reduce pain. Provided by referral only.

Holistic Nutrition

Developing a plan to make small, lasting and consistent changes in your eating and movement to overcome whatever health struggles you’ve had to create the health you want for a lifetime. More info..